Log In to Netz0

Your authentication data consists of a username and password.

By default, your account’s username is the email address created with your Netz0 membership. Follow these instructions to log in:

Account Login

  1. Enter your username
  2. Enter your secret password
  3. Press the Login button

WARNING: Keep your login data in secret and never share them. If they fall into the hands of third parties, they can take control of all your domains, as well as make changes to your customer account.

If you do not remember the current password, you can request a reset by pressing the Forgot Password button (4).

Checking the Remember Me option (5) allows enabling the automatic login feature to your account which saves you from entering the username and password for each access. This option only works for the current web browser and computer you are using.

CAUTION: Never use this option (5) on public computers or shared with other people or they can log in to your Netz0 account.