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Staying updated on the status of services

In Netz0 we understand how important it is for our customers and users to be informed about any issues in our products, services or network. For this reason, we are very clear and transparent about any issues we detect, from performance problems like slowness or more severe incidents like outages. With this in mind, we have created an open status page that anyone can visit in order to check the status of our network.

You can access the status page at the following URL:


As you can see this status page is not hosted on our Netz0 domain for the simple reason that if a major outage occurs you will probably not be able to access our website. The status page is hosted in an external network unrelated to Netz0, so it is always available and can keep our customers informed. We also have a Twitter account @n0status which you can follow to receive incident updates on your phone.

Our systems and staff updates the status page in a few minutes when an incident is reported or detected. Moreover, you can also verify external uptime reports to confirm our service levels with third parties in order to keep our uptime as transparent as possible. When we say 99.9% it is not just marketing; we really mean it as we do not create those reports.

You can check that domain at any time to verify if there is a major issue affecting your services. If you do not see any issues reported, then it means your problem is only related to your specific account or isolated to some specific configuration on your server. Please open a support ticket at any time if you are experiencing problems and you do not see any outages reported by us.

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