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Opening a Support Ticket

Tickets are the preferred way to request help assistance. Opening a ticket with our customer care department is a quick and easy way to contact us. A ticket is basically a case in which you can track the inquiry and update it at any moment. You can open tickets for different departments, but in this article, we show how to open a technical support ticket in case you need help or have problems with one of your services. For more information about what is a ticket, please click here.

You can open most tickets by sending us an email or directly in our public website, but for technical support we require authentication. The reason is that we need to be able to identify the customer and services on the account that is requesting support. So the first thing you need to make sure before opening a support ticket is that you are logged in your Netz0 customer account. Click here for instructions on how to log in.

Once authenticated to your account, select from the top main menu Support > Open Ticket

On the following screen, you can choose the department to which you want to send the query. Select the Support department for technical support questions.

The ticket form allows you to fill the information to open the support ticket. The name and email account is completed automatically with your account information.


Fill out the Subject field with a short and brief description of your question or problem. It is important to describe it properly since all the tickets in your account are archived. If you use a general subject for all your tickets like Help or Question, you will have a hard time in the future identifying different support requests which share the same subject. So it is a good idea to use a unique description for each ticket you open.

Optional Fields

The following fields are optional. The Related Service field lets you select which product or service in your account is linked to the problem of your ticket, and the Priority field allows you to set the ticket priority internally with our support staff. Please do not use High unless it is a problem that is causing a major interruption or downtime with your services. Picking the highest priority for questions or non-important issues which do not involve any interruption in your services does not result in a faster response. It could lead to the opposite if the assigned tech considers your request a low priority. For general questions, you can use Low. If you do not know which priority to use, just leave it in Medium which is the default.


Next, you need to describe your question or problem in the Message box field. Please try to be as clear and detailed as possible if you are describing a technical issue. Do not use things like “Help, I have a problem” or “I can’t log into my email.” That does not really tell us anything to identify your problem. Try to describe exactly what is happening and what you are doing. If you receive some error, describe it as much as you can or attach a screenshot image of what you see. The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words is remarkably true when describing problems.

The better you describe the problem and question, the faster we can help you. If you do not properly describe it, the assigned tech agent is forced to ask you more information which delays the resolution of your issue.

You can also format the content with different options like Bold, Italic or Heading. If you need to enter code, please use the Code option to avoid losing the format once your ticket is submitted. To format your text, just select it and click the proper icon.

Formatting your text makes it visually more appealing for our technical staff. It helps while reading it, not only for us but also for you, as tickets are a resource help saved in your account which you can always search and consult in the future if you experience a similar issue. If possible, try to use some formatting. To see how your ticket will look with formatting use the Preview button.

If you need to describe a longer issue, you can drag the bottom corner handle of the text box to make it bigger in your browser or click the top corner to expand it to full screen.

Attaching Files

The Attachments fields allow you to upload files together with your technical support ticket. Most likely you want to attach a screenshot, file logs or some other file, but this field is entirely optional.

If you want to attach a file, click the Browse… button, then pick the file on your local PC or drag the file directly from your computer hard drive to the field. If you need to add more files, click the + Add More button and follow the same procedure.

Finally, if you are happy with your ticket information, click the Submit button to receive a ticket ID number automatically. This unique number allows you to track your case with Netz0 for any further inquiry. You can check and update all your open and closed tickets in your account at any time. Each ticket you open will have a unique identifier.

Tickets are responded in the order they are received, so please be patient until you receive a reply from one of our technical support agents. You can update your open ticket at any moment if you wish to add more information.

Tickets by Email

You can open tickets via email to any department by sending messages to the proper department email address. For technical support tickets, we suggest using our website, but it is also possible to open a support ticket by sending an email directly to Make sure you are sending the email message from your customer registered email account. Otherwise, your ticket is rejected by our support system as we cannot match your email account to your client account. This feature allows you to open tickets directly from your favorite email client without having to log into your account.

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