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Whois Data Verification

As per ICANN regulations, all domain registrations must maintain valid and accurate contact information in order to keep the active registration on the Internet. Netz0 as well the authorized registrar may do internal data verifications to stay in compliance. Domain registrations with invalid or not confirmed information can lead to temporarily suspension until proper verification was completed. Maintaining false information on a domain can also lead to the termination or permanent cancellation of such registration.

As part of the verification process, all new customers that register a domain name online, must first verify the contact email address. The data verification process also applies to domain transfers or updating the Whois information on a current domain registration.

Accordingly, and to speed up the process, we send an email verification to the email contact address listed as registrant on a new domain registration. The registrant should complete the verification instructions on that email before two weeks, or the domain registration will be temporarily suspended until verification is completed.

The process is normally as simple as clicking a confirmation link to verify contacts or approve new changes on a domain.

If you wish for Netz0 to resent this verification email, please open a support ticket. Some of the domain extensions that currently require email verification include but are not limited to:











In some special circumstances, the domain extension registrar, Netz0 or both may require additional information in cases a domain contains inaccurate information or if we suspect false information was used for registrations.
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