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What is a domain name?

Domains are Internet addresses that automatically resolve to an IP address. A domain name such as is equivalent to a mailing address on the Internet. Like a business or home address. For example, the address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where presumably the most powerful man in the world lives, is similar to an Internet domain address. On networks, however, numeric addresses are used for communication between computer systems. This numerical address is known as IP. Maybe you do not know the exact street address, but while visiting Washington D.C., you could indicate a taxi driver you wish to visit the White House, and you most likely arrive there. In this example, it would be more practical to tell the taxi driver to take you to 1600 Pennsylvania than the exact GPS coordinates.

In the same way, it is easier to remember and use names to places on the Internet, than numbers from an IP address.

Instead of delivering your visitors or customers your address in the form of an IP number like, which they probably will not remember, it would be easier to give them the name of the domain. This is extremely important for business, professionals or anyone who wants to promote their identity since a domain can be the name of your product, brand, category or company, which means that whenever someone sees your address, you are doing marketing for your business.

The domain is, therefore, a name that lets you find and easily remember the access to an Internet resource. For example, it is easier to indicate a person to visit the web site at than to visit the web site at

A name has several benefits over random numbers. It allows people to easily remember your address; they are simple to write and publicize your brand. Since the domain is a unique Internet identifier, no one can have the same domain as another person.

A domain is, therefore, your unique digital address, and it can be used for many purposes, not just for a web site. You can use your domain to provide a memorable address (easy to remember) and quick access to any resource on the Internet that you wish, like a video, a multimedia presentation, images, downloads, etc. One of the most popular use is email which allows you to send and receive messages with people anywhere in the world. For example, if you send a message to, the message will be delivered to the person "joe" on the domain

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