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Incidents covered by technical support

Technical support covers all inquiries and doubts about the use of products supplied by Netz0 as part of a service.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Questions about how to use a certain task or supplied functionality
  • Best practices and tips for successfully integrating your applications
  • Diagnostics of problems in operating system features
  • Problems with the provided tools, control panels or consoles
  • Incidents reported by our technical personnel or monitoring systems
  • Certain third-party applications such as web servers, operating systems, email, databases and configurations
  • Diagnostics of problems with the use of available programming consoles or systems API
  • Bug reporting

Not included with support:

  • Development or code programming
  • Debugging of errors or diagnostics in custom software
  • Runtime configuration or system management tasks
  • Technological Advisory or custom IT consulting

Please refer to what type of support level and access your product or service includes. Administration & configuration tasks can be contracted with a corresponding system management package both for dedicated, custom servers or cloud.

Technological advice or IT consulting is available with a Personal Account Manager (PAM).

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