What's New in August 2018 What's New in August 2018

  • The domain manager now automatically informs the visual status for expired domains that are in the grace or recovery period.
  • You no longer need to open a ticket to restore lost domains. The costs for recovering a registration (if applicable) are added automatically to the invoice if a renewal is attempted.
  • A new option from the customer profile to opt for receiving marketing emails. This functionality by default is disabled for the correct compliance with European privacy standards GDPR. If you wish to receive commercial information from Netz0 by mail, mark this option from your account.
  • We have migrated the parked domain system and new domains to a new platform. New domains can now use your domain name on the free welcome page. This will also allow us to give more control over the functionality in the future.
  • Various visual improvements and graphics in the customer area for better navigation.
  • Several improvements in the functionality of domain renewals to simplify the renewal of multiple domains simultaneously.
  • Improvements in the statistics for the referral and affiliate system.
  • Several code improvements for compatibility with GDPR regulations.
  • New visual improvements for new accounts on the registration form.
  • Improvements to the credit payments using the balance of your account.
  • Internal improvements for the automation of additional services in products.
  • New full-pricing pages for all domain extensions.
  • Several enhancements for multi-lingual support.
  • Security and bug patches on the customer area and other parts of the site.

Monday, August 27, 2018

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