What's New in September 2018 What's New in September 2018

  • Look up improvements while searching ccTLD domain names
  • More visual cues while registering domain names
  • New domain FAQ help articles
  • Big development advances on the new upcoming Netzmin control panel
  • The old help was removed, and we introduced a new documentation system
  • Old documentation migrated to the new Docs 1.0 system
  • Major PHP upgrades for speed and security
  • Tons of new features and bug fixes for SSL certificate management
  • New SSL certificate email and enrollments steps
  • New CNAME authentication for DV certificates
  • Added new features for SAN certificates
  • New certificate approval options
  • Several new features for DNS management
  • Several new security features for DNS strings
  • Added upcoming features for DNSSEC support
  • New reserve DNS features related to .arpa zones
  • Several new DNS records are now supported on the DNS editor
  • Internal accounting migration to offline solution for better customer privacy
  • Internal privacy improvements for staff alerts while creating/updating tickets
  • NetzBuilder HTTPS and www redirection fixes
  • New Netzmin icons and for site navigation
  • Netzmin template code developments
  • Netzmin SQL security improvements for database schema
  • Netzmin logo development for CP headers
  • Email translations for updating invoices
  • Netzmin server’s action status bar development

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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