What's New in October 2018 What's New in October 2018

  • IOTA is now an official payment option and was integrated into the ordering process.
  • Office moved and work improvements
  • Fixed a platform that was giving errors with a specific domain registry
  • We finished several software projects related to the upcoming Netzmin control panel
  • New domain extensions are now available for management and registration, including, .top, .app and others
  • Fixed issues in the help articles regarding the voting feature
  • All domain extensions in the world can now be requested manually
  • Made several fixes to improve the loading speed of netz0.com
  • The DNS editor received several new features and bug fixes
  • Google maps was replaced with open maps in the contact page for privacy reasons
  • You can now register premium domain names with Netz0
  • Several hardware firmware upgrades and patches deployed
  • New certificates installed for the Netz0 site and other web systems
  • Communicating directly with staff now uses a digital ID on messages to prove authentication
  • Several change log conventions for upcoming releases of page documentation
  • We made some internal changes regarding developing for faster deployment of new features

Monday, November 5, 2018

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