Welcome 2020! Welcome 2020!

The new year just came around the door and we are excited about the upcoming technology features we have planned and designed with patience. If you didn’t read any news or received announcements for some months don’t worry. The silence from our side was only related to the solid work we concluded in 2019. The new upcoming cloud hosting Netzmin platform has advanced spectacularly in development and we are very close to the first beta launch.

We delayed the testing launch several times from 2018-2019. In 2019 we had some issues with our customer area integration and while it worked and still works perfectly fine for traditional domain names and cPanel hosting, it was certainly never designed for the advanced ideas we had ahead which required not only software changes but a deeper integration with other parts of our core network in the datacenter. The new upcoming services and platform is not only revolutionary but completely unique.

We can’t wait to launch it!

The new year also brought us a new development team to integrate the customer experience into a single unified area for all the services and products provided at Netz0.com, this was not possible with simple code changes and we were forced to completely rewrite from scratch some integrations on servers and sites. While the background modifications we made did not had any visible impact for customers, we can assure you they are part of a bigger plan for the complete launch of the new cloud platform.

In the upcoming days you should slowly see many changes to the customer area and some improvements to the management of products and services. As always, please let us now of any bugs or issues.

Expect happy surprises along 2020!

Monday, January 6, 2020

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