We are no longer on Facebook We are no longer on Facebook

Facebook Privacy

Sorry, but our Facebook page is gone. We take users privacy exceptionally seriously and prefer no association with companies that don’t value people’s privacy. Companies offering products and services for free usually sell customers private data. Privacy is a human right. If something is free, you are the product. Since data is the new oil, companies like Facebook or Google have abused their users continuously with more invasive tracking products and data mining tools even outside their websites and products.

Our Facebook page never had value to keep us in touch with our customers as it was poorly maintained, had almost no traffic and Facebook does not fit the target market we are looking for our brand. We also prefer to keep visitors on our network and servers, so our privacy policy can protect them.

Following the example of recent companies like SpaceX or Tesla that also removed their Facebook pages, we think it’s time to move on to social sites that are not personally invasive. We are not saying goodbye to social networks. You can use Twitter or Reddit to keep in touch with updates and announcements, but Facebook is now part of our past.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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