Domain late-renewal fee Domain late-renewal fee

Since July 1, 2018, we will begin to charge an additional late renewal rate of $10 for domains that have expired. This rate will only be applied to domains that have expired and entered the grace period. The fee is additional to any standard renewal rate or recovery fees (if applied by the authorized registrar of the extension).

Expired domains cost us extra time in support for services that do not work, reactivations, among others. For those reasons, we want to discourage domain renewals on the last day. Since an expired domain is already disabled on the Internet this costs money and time both to the owner and us. Domains can be renewed at any time, we send multiple notifications, and we have an automatic renewal option. There is no reason why someone should wait for a domain to be already expired before renewing it. Renewing domains on the last day or once they expired is a bad idea, and we want to discourage the practice in our services. However, as compensation for extensions that have a valid grace period, we will increase these deadlines to the maximum of allowed time (generally 30 days) which gives you more time to renew a domain before losing it.

Also, we remind our customers that not all extensions have a grace period. Some extensions like for example .eu (Europe), or .mx (Mexico), just to mention two, go directly into the redemption period the same day in which they expire. It's dangerous to assume that all domains can be renewed when they already expired. This is an unpleasant surprise for some users who must pay expensive additional recovery rates with the extension or worse; they cannot renew the domain because it is lost.

As a rule, we do not want to encourage our users to treat all domains equally and always renew domains before maturity. As such, starting next month, customers who renew an already expired domain, in case those have a grace period for renewal, we will apply an additional $10 to the regular renewal price. In the event a domain is not renewed and enters the recovery period (if applicable), the owner may only be able to recover it by paying the renewal fee + late renewal fee + redemption fee.

Notice that this is not a problem for most of our customers since no one who uses a domain for their regular activities on the Internet leaves it to expire. There is no additional fee or cost to renew domains before expiration, and this can be done at any time from your customer account. Most extensions can also be renewed for several years at a time. Assuming a customer wants to renew it annually, we suggest taking this new rate into account or activate the auto-renewal option from your account so that we generate the renewal order automatically several days before the expiration.

This rate only applies to domain registrations and not to other Netz0 services. The fee is applied on the invoice at the time of generating the renewal order and only if you try to renew a domain when it has already expired.

If you have any questions, please open a billing ticket.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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