The Network Hosting Cloud Company

The internet has become a wild place. With hosting services out of control, offering unbelievable unlimited deals which they can’t deliver, and new cloud vendors taking over corporate users, the real choices to get an affordable web hosting which individuals and small companies can trust has become harder.

Netz0 is an intentionally small, distributed hosting company.

Everything we do at Netz0 follows a fundamental principle. Zero Overselling. This is what sets us apart from every other hosting company, even large ones. We shape our services based on quality and performance, not on price.

When we first started with this idea, which is a very different vision to how most Internet services are sold today (or oversold), we believed that persons would see the difference and transparency. We trusted customers would value paying for a real service that actually exists vs. some marketing trick from a company whose main concern is only selling more accounts. We were not wrong. Netz0 customers know the difference, and we want you to know it as well.

We put the network first.

Networks and servers are complicated. Data flow and packets are something most users don't understand, but that does not mean they have to be tricked or lied just because they can't know the difference. We believe in selling an honest service where we are clear from day one. No tricks and no gimmicks. We want to sell a part of the Internet to each one of our customers and provide with a solution that works and can grow with their needs as their business expands. We designed all our services with those principles in mind, zero overselling and zero downtime.

You should decide when to reach your limits...

Netz what?

Netz Inc. is a privately held, self-funded Miami hosting company with a passion for networks and data centers. This is where our story begins. Our legal name Netz is the German word for network, and we are proud to combine the amazing American spirit with the best of German excellence to accomplish a perfect hosting solution.

A tiny company with big ideas. From zero to hero.

Everyone has their thing, and ours is hosting. Sometimes the simple things are the ones that work and can empower big ideas. We decided to start a hosting brand to offer real services with physical servers and networks we control. As opposed to some imaginary unlimited service, in Netz0 we think it is important to be authentic and consistent. We decided not to oversell any of our services from day one. This means real limits for people that need quality over price and performance over budget. This equation developed into our current name, Networks with Zero Overselling or Netz0.

We actually know what is best for you...

We may be small, but we are extremely resilient and have consistent experience advising companies all over the planet for decades. Our idea to offer a fantastic hosting platform with zero overselling is spreading worldwide and if we can make the hosting world a better place, then we already achieved something. We don’t want to be just another hosting company, and this is why we are not trying to get every possible customer that exists under the sun. We are looking for great clients, those that prefer epic quality, speed, and performance and recognize that paying a real price for limits is the only way to get a premium service. Join us and let us solve your hosting problems.

Netz0 for a superior experience...

Netz0 will allow you to achieve better uptime, enhanced speed, greater performance and an improved experience to reach your goals. Regardless if you need to host a small website or a complex global project that requires multiple clustered servers to serve millions of users. We network it, we deploy it, and we host it for you, all with our Zero Overselling Guarantee.

Our History

And for those that prefer facts:

  • We only use premium carriers and data centers.
  • We have trained certified professionals available.
  • We have over 10 years of experience selling corporate hosting solutions.
  • We are a real and legal company. Not just some fly-by-night operation.
  • We own all of our servers and network equipment.
  • We only work with the best companies and people in the industry.
  • We have partnerships with the biggest tech companies in the world.