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    With Real Limits for Business Class Hosting.

Start small and grow huge with our automated scaling Technology Discover the features in our virtual hosting plans.

Web Hosting for Serious Websites

Network Internet

Tier 1 Network

Low latency and light fast bandwidth. We optimize networks for speed and not cost.


130+ Ready Web Apps

WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. New installations or updates with zero config.

Advanced PHP

Personalized PHP

PHP 4, 5 or 7. Enable custom modules or customize the PHP.ini configuration.


Remote Daily Backups

Data safety is our top concern. We copy your files to a remote server every night.


Premium Datacenter

We host equipment’s in top facilities focused on high security and redundancy.


Business PAM

In the corporate plan, you get a personal account manager.

No Overselling

Zero Overselling

No artificial limits or false unlimited settings. Get what you pay and no less.

Support Help

Zero Hour Support

Questions? We provide 24x7 support with a zero-hour response guarantee.


Zero Downtime SLA

Real 99.9% uptime. Saying one thing and indeed providing it is very different.


Developer Friendly

MySQL or PostgreSQL, Python, Perl or Ruby, we have it all.


Advanced Security

Network and App Firewall, robust spam filter and other protections, all included.



From the network packet to the CPU to the end software. Speed is our priority.

CPU Front

Enterprise Hardware

We build our systems using only Intel Xeon chips and enterprise parts.


Scale Ready

Need a private dedicated server or cloud setup? With Netz0, it is a click away.


Extra Tools

We continually evolve with exclusive extra tools and services. See more.

Are you looking for unlimited hosting? We are sorry to inform you this, but there is no unlimited hosting anywhere. Unlimited hosting is just a marketing trick since there are no unlimited servers or infinite networks on planet earth (if you know one let us know).

Developers know this, smart webmasters are aware, and IT departments do not fall for unlimited tricks. We believe in offering a high-quality hosting service for companies and individuals that need to plan their web business ahead. To succeed online, you need to understand your costs to scale in the future. Unlimited hosting is not unlimited and is usually only targeted to very small websites (that don't need much) or people with no knowledge of how web servers work. If you want to find out more on how unlimited hosting actually works, please read this guide.

We offer a lower pricing than your current unlimited hosting provider but with faster performance, more stability and more features for the simple reason that we do not overload our servers and networks. Because each user is paying his fair share, we can provide more resources to every customer. You get more for less money. That is what we call a great deal.

Sick of downtimes and slow loading speeds?

You made it! You finally found a company that sells real limits on real servers powered by high-speed networks located in the best premium business data centers. Netz0 is the first and only company in the world to offer professional hosting services with a zero overselling guarantee. It does not get any better than this!

Let us host your website

Regardless if you are looking to host your blog, an online store or some complex database application, our virtual hosting plan comes with the highest speed, security, and performance designed exclusively for serious websites. In Netz0, we guarantee you every server resource purchased so you can own a little piece of the Internet. Host your website or web app with us today and experience the change. We can even migrate your current site from your existing provider for free with zero interruptions.

Low-Cost Virtual Hosting Plans

Choose the one that fits your needs. Click Discover to see all features.


  • 1GB Raid 10 Disk Space
  • 1GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Email & FTP
  • PHP 7 + MySQL


  • 15GB Raid 10 Disk Space
  • 250GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • PostgreSQL Databases


  • 200GB Raid 10 Disk Space
  • 2500GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP
  • FREE NetzBuilder

Also included in every plan:

Money Back Guarantee

Risk-free trial for 45 days. If you are not happy with our service, you can request a full refund.

Redundant DNS

Power your domains with our separated geographical DNS services for a constant uptime.

Zero Spam Network

If email delivery is critical for your business Netz0 is your best friend. Spam free IP’s and network.

Zero Minute Activation

Get your welcome email in seconds after payment. Automated setup for no waiting. Get online now.

World’s Best CP

Powered by cPanel, the world's most used web hosting control panel. You get the best tool.

Fully Managed

Do not worry about hardware, OS patches or security. We fully manage the servers for you.