.COM, the global online standard

.COM Domain

The king of the Internet.

The oldest and most popular top level domain introduced in 1985. The .COM (from “commercial”), is the gold standard for doing business online and the premier address for websites. It is the largest top-level domain in the world with over 120 million names registered and the extension of choice for Fortune 500 companies. A .COM is recognized, reliable, credible and authentic with a proven track record of visibility. It is the first thing people expect to see in their browsers address bar.

Price per Year of Registration*

# Years New Registration Renewal
1 $10.99 $10.59

* Prices subject to change without notice. No hidden charges, all ICANN fees, and taxes included.

Why choose a .COM extension?

  • .COM can be registered and works in multiple languages
  • It is the world’s biggest and most recognized web address
  • 97% of top 100 brands have a .COM address
  • If someone looks something online, he tries a .COM first
  • It is perfect for anything, both personal and commercial use
  • It is the most valuable domain extension in aftermarkets
  • 100% of Fortune 500 companies have a .COM domain
  • Instantly adds credibility to your web presence
  • It is the gold standard in the domain name industry
  • Operated by Verisign, .COM has an established record of 100% uptime since its inception

Perfect for:

You may ask yourself why go with a .COM when you are now inundated with so many new top level domain options. Because you can always rely on a .COM with its proven and earned trust. There is a reason why millions of individuals still decide on a .COM when they are unsure. Everything fits perfectly in a .COM regardless if it is a company or a personal website. It is the most credible and recognized home for business looking to succeed online. While initially designed for commercial use, there are no restrictions, and anyone can register a .COM extension for personal or business sites. It is the premier choice for any individual or organization that needs a globally recognized address.

Interesting Facts:

  • 91% of .COM’s with more than five characters are still available
  • More than 99% of .com six-character combinations are available
  • It was the first domain introduced for use on the Internet
  • There are over 120 million registered .COM domain names
  • It is the number one TLD (top-level domain)
  • The first .COM registered domain was
  • A .COM is registered every single second
  • was sold for $35.6 million
  • 100% DNS reliability for almost two decades


None. Anyone can register .COM domain names from 1 to 10 years.