.ORG, the domain that brings people together

.ORG Domain

The first choice for organizations, nonprofits and communities.

One of the original domains on the Internet, .ORG (from “organization”) was initially intended for organizations and nonprofits but is open to the general public without restrictions. Anyone can register a .ORG domain. It is the third largest domain after .COM and .NET and is recognized worldwide as the top choice for nonprofit foundations, philanthropic institutions, religious, civic, arts, social and fraternal organizations, clubs and community groups.

Price per Year of Registration*

# Years New Registration Renewal
1 $12.99 $12.39

* Prices subject to change without notice. No hidden charges, all ICANN fees, and taxes included.

Why choose a .ORG extension?

  • Ideal both for commercial and non-commercial organizations
  • .ORG is a perfect match for community groups
  • Sports team, social or religious groups
  • Cultural or arts institutions usually go with .ORG
  • Foundations and political institutions
  • Health, legal, clubs or volunteer’s associations
  • Open source or public interest projects
  • Individuals that share an interest, passion or cause

Perfect for:

The .ORG usually identifies organizations, commercial and nonprofit or groups of people that identify with change, activism and education. It is recognized worldwide as the first extension for nonprofits, social groups, and foundations of any kind. People expect to find a connection with individuals or organizations on this domain. It is not only perfect for the above-mentioned uses but also to complement an existing .COM address. As the third most widely used extension in the world it is usually common for companies to register .ORG’s to protect their brand and reputation.

Interesting Facts:

  • It is one of the original extensiones of the Internet, created more than 30 years ago
  • .ORG works great in multiple languages
  • .ORG is the third most popular domain with over 10 million registered extensions
  • .ORG is the preferred extensions for do-good organizations
  • Popular sites using .ORG include and
  • .ORG is usually registered together with .COM and .NET domains


None. Anyone can register .ORG domain names from 1 to 10 years.