Getting Help

One of the best features included with your account is our fantastic support team. If you have any question, have some issues or require some essential assistance you can contact a real person at any moment. You are never alone, and all products come with free technical support available exclusively for {embed:help-title} customers.

Explore the support and help options available with your {embed:help-title} service:

Requesting Support

Netz0 provides two forms of support: free, self-help support on the Netz0 help website and paid support services, which you can purchase from your customer account if they are not included with your product or service already. With Netz0’s Technical Support, you can open a support case online (ticket), request a remote support session or contact the support center by phone if you experience technical difficulties.

Paid Technical Support via Tickets and Online Chat is included with every virtual hosting account purchased and includes a full 24x365 coverage. Phone and remote support may apply to extra charges depending on your plan or support agreement with Netz0.

The Netz0 help site hosts a number of resources that may be helpful to you if you experience odd behavior, crashes, or other problems.

Additional Help Resources include:

Community forums (Hub), knowledge base articles (KnowledgeBit), tutorials, videos, white papers and product documentation.