Typographic conventions

Before you start using this guide, it is important to understand the document conventions used.

The following types of text format indicate special information.

Format Convention Type of Information Example
Special Bold Items you must select, such as menu options, command buttons, or items in a list. Go to the System tab.
Names of chapters, sections and subsections. Read the
Italic Used to emphasize the importance of a point, to introduce a term or to designate a timeline marker command, which should be replaced by a name or real value. The system supports character wildcard searches.
System Input The names of commands, files, and directories. The license file is located in the following directory:
Command Output Screen output on command line sessions; HTML source code, PHP, JavaScript, or another programming language. # ls -al /files
total 14470
CAPITAL LETTERS Names of keys on the keyboard. MAYÚS, CTRL, ALT.