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What’s new in February 2023


  • Fixed code in SQL databases for domain monitoring.
  • Made several improvements for security to internal databases.
  • Fixed a rate limiter database bug that could potentially be abused.
  • Fixed an issue with the domain Whois lookup queries setting incorrect data.


  • Fixed a bug for domains without security on the domain page.
  • Fixed the domain loader status while executing actions.
  • Fixed some database schemas regarding GEO location.
  • Fixes to the user profile editor.
  • Fixed numerous user interface translations in Spanish.
  • Fixes on the domain management page.
  • Resolved an issue in the cart system while executing a page after loading domains to the cart.
  • Addressed an issue while adding free domains to the cart before checkout.
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying news in English for users with Spanish locale in their account.
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying the due date incorrectly in the invoice list page.


  • Many internal improvements for quality features for customers while using services.
  • Some improvements on domain redirection services.
  • New features in the customer chat service.
  • Changed some key translations.
  • Internal improvements on how repository backups are handled.
  • Domains past redemption status are now automatically cancelled.
  • Various action buttons improved for better visual reference.


  • Domain status can switch to redemption now automatically.
  • Domains in redemption status can now be recovered by the user.
  • Added a status indicator on the domain list page.
  • Notification is now displayed if domain was deleted on renewal option.
  • Added new Spanish translations to the customer area page.
  • Added email and username display to the customer profile edit page.
  • Added vertical tabs for cloud hosting management page.
  • Redirect automatically to the domain page after login for domain links from emails.
  • Users with Spanish set in their account are now redirected to the Spanish login page.
  • Added improvements to domain renewals, transferred and lost status.


  • No deprecated features in February.


  • No removed features in February.


  • Improvements to network security for malicious traffic detection.
  • Internal customers hostname records are now added automatically.
  • Improvements and database migration for Cloud Sites products.

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