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What’s new in January 2023

Well, its late February already, but as they say, better late than never! Here is a quick summary of what is new in Netz0 from January 2023:

If you are new to Netz0, here is a brief explanation of what each category means. All the changes are completed and active when you read them in our blog.

Security: Being security essential in software development and services, it's important to highlight and be aware of any security changes and updates. Therefore, it is first on the list of changes.

Fixed: Next, it's essential to present any fixes that have been made and any issues we resolved, or what you can expect in case you had a previous issue or bug.

Changed: Similar to the fixed category, but it mostly involves changes to a feature that can affect or modify how you interact with your services.

Added: This is new features or functionality that was not available before, it usually includes improvements.

Deprecated: The opposite of the added category, these are features that we are phrasing out and are potentially being removed in the future to be prepared in advance.

Removed: Includes all the features that were previously deprecated and are now removed or gone from services in terms of functionality.

Unreleased: These are changes and updates that are still either in development or already released internally, but not yet available directly until they pass final testing.


  • Updated several codes on the site and interfaces for security and bug fixes.
  • Server hardware and network security updates to the latest secure versions.
  • We fixed some potential security vulnerabilities on the website.
  • Performance improvements while checking network attacks.


  • Numerous texts and translations fixed on the website for Spanish.
  • Fixed the ticket editor full-screen option that was not working properly.
  • A lot of bugs fixes on the site and back-end platforms.


  • The domain section in the customer area now has all the old functionality back, including secure lock, redirection, domain monitoring and other functions.
  • Various improvements in our back end that handles customers support tickets and incidents.


  • Added a new status for the certificate status which can be displayed on the domain list or from the domain management section.
  • Improvements on the domain nameserver change features.
  • The Markdown format is now fully supported while replying to tickets.
  • The domain page is now updated to reflect the new services in your domain management area.
  • New phone number authentication from account profile


  • PHP 5 still available on old cPanel services will not be available in the future on the new Cloud Sites platform. While we only support the minimum 7.x version, customers can still manually use version 5 for old applications and code. PLEASE UPGRADE your code, this option will not be available in the future and your software should run at least PHP 7.2. Support for version 5 will be completely removed in new services.
  • Login to cPanel link from your management page will be removed in the future. Please access your control panel directly in the future.


  • Removed links from domain management to old customer account area.
  • Removed several log in options to the old account area. Only invoices are available for older customers that have them in the previous customer billing system.
  • The old DNS management area is not accessible anymore, please consider using the new interface, if your domain was migrated from the previous system, and you get an error while trying to access, request access by opening a support ticket.
  • The Download section for files was removed. A new option will be introduced in the future.


  • Backend implementation of secure vault for the upcoming network shield protection services and Netzmin Cloud Sites.
  • Countless new features for network protection that will be managed on from the account area.
  • Various new features implemented in the Netzmin control panel still in development.
  • We are internally testing migration to Netzmin Cloud Sites for some customers. Roll out will be released in phases for all customers still running on old cPanel hosting services.
  • Internal stages for future sub-accounts.

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