Abuse Department

Netz0’s Abuse Department is the policy enforcement division that actively enforces regulatory compliance with Netz0s Terms of Use by processing complaints received by customers, non-customers, and internal staff. Managing abuse incidents that impact customer devices and their IP reputation keeps hardware and networks running at top performance levels ensuring the best possible service.

Special staff oversees the verification of abuse reports which can be received both externally from third parties or internally from network monitoring activities performed by the support team. When an incident is detected, the customer responsible for the device or service is appropriately informed. An Abuse ticket is raised inside his Netz0 account containing instructions and procedures to follow. The support team together with the Abuse team is also available to assist with most security incidents.

Abuse incidents include but are not limited to:

  • A server involved with spam
  • Websites hosting malicious code like malware or phishing
  • Servers used to abuse third-party systems & networks on the Internet
  • Servers used for attacks, exploits or other attempts to gain non-authorized access to other systems
  • Hosting illegal copyright or trademark materials

Abuse reports cannot be open by email and are only available through the abuse form. Netz0 customers can communicate with the abuse team directly by replying to an open incident. Non-customers are assigned to a dedicated person (if applicable) to follow up on reports.

Filling a new abuse complaint can be done at the following address:

Abuse Report Form